Thursday, January 10, 2013

Surfing Challenge


Deur Dudes here after a gnarly day on the swells of Sunset Beach.  Donning wet suits you would’ve guessed us to have found in the Fresh Prince’s beach house, we bravely headed into the totally tubular onset of waves.  

 The tasty curls were not the only things to be afraid of, however, as Mariel proved to be just as threatening on her board.  I left the whole standing up part to Ethan, while I attempted to gain points boogie board style.  Not surprisingly, most of us did not turn out to be Otto and Reggie Rockets.  In fact, the majority of us were like the Squid, trying our hardest and ultimately falling flat on our faces, due to thrashing waves or, again, Mariel.  In the end, the whole surfing experience felt less like a competition and more like a party on the waves, as our instructor Jeff Westrup and the Valley Christian Surf team liked to call it.  Each group was encouraging one another to hang loose, not only in the practice time but in the competition as well.  Possibly the most selfless act of the day was carried out by the birthday boy, Dr. Bolt, taking a stingray barb to the big toe in protection of the rest of us.  

The main focus of our class talks has been on competition. Today proved that competition is not exclusive of cooperation and encouragement.  Everyone was motivated and optimistic even after biting it hard.  And just as I’ve always expected, Johnny Tsunami and the Beach Boys were spot on, surfing is wicked sick, bro.

Until next time, hang ten.
Scores for the Surfing Challenge
1.  Forest Green
2. Graphite
3. Navy/Royal(TIE)
5. Red
6. Vegas Gold
7. Kelly Green
8. Pink/Gold/Columbia Blue(TIE)
11. Orange
12. Purple

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  1. Forest Green: how impressive that Hudsonville produces surfers!!! Great job boys!! Also loved the write up..