Sunday, January 20, 2013

Amazing Race Finale Announcement

Tonight we met as a class one final time.  The excitement and anticipation has been building for the last 24 hours, which two teams will get in to the final race?  The final two teams were chosen from a lottery draw and a random draw.  The tension built as Amber drew out the first piece of paper.......TEAM GOLD is the lottery pick to compete in the finale.  Trevor and Ali Roode were ecstatic as Trevor compared his lottery draw to that of the Chicago Bulls gaining the lottery pick the year Derrick Rose entered the NBA draft.  

Next, it was time for a completely random draw of the 8 remaining teams.  Many teams felt confident that they were going to be chosen to compete in the final race.  Again, the anticipation mounted as Amber reached in to draw out the final piece of the Amazing Race finale puzzle.  She reached in, the collective group breath drew in, and.......TEAM PINK was chosen as the final team to compete in the Amazing Race Finale!

Tuesday, January 23 marks the 2nd Calvin College Amazing Race Finale.  The five final teams competing are:
Team Vegas Gold - Nick Holtrop & Zach Willis
Team Graphite - Dan & Lauren Turner
Team Navy - Jeremy & Stacy Kamp
Team Gold - Trevor & Ali Roode
Team Pink - Alyssa & Kimby Penning

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