Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sky Diving Poems

Yes, thats right,  we asked the students to write a poem to describe their sky-diving experience.  The poems were judged on how well the students captured the experience, use of words & phrases, and finally, creativity & voice.  The students were asked to utilize an iambic pentameter style.  Here are the final results.

1. Forest Green
2. Columbia Blue
3. Pink
4. Graphite
5. Red
6. Purple
7. Kelly Green
8. Vegas Gold
9. Royal Blue
10. Gold
11. Orange
12. Navy

Here is the winning poem

Let me paraphrase a parable in a paragraph 
It's a parable of a paradox that I once had
I was paralyzed in the sky, something didn't compute
The fact that between two people there was one parachute

Jumping from an aircraft, ironically, far from plane 
Soon to be the kings of the sky, it is we who will rain 
Whether ready or not, there's no turning back, we're all in
No, the butterflies we feel, they won't keep us from fallin'

At the beginning of the day, reaching ground was our goal
And when our shoes hit the grass, we found relief for our souls
An equal partner with gravity, obeying its will
And in return being served one of our life's greatest thrills