Friday, January 18, 2013

Dog Sledding Adventure


This is Melissa and Jon Bosma (Team Orange) reporting to you from Snow Mountain Ranch. We are the team that has been carrying all of the other teams ahead of us (someone has to do it). Before we bunked up here, we started the day off early leaving Colorado Springs, driving through gorgeous snowy mountains, and heading to Breckenridge for our unknown race. 

When we arrived in Breckenridge, our leaders gave us the news that we had ten miles to go yet. We ended up at Good Times Adventures to our surprise for some dog sled racing! We were all pumped!

After suiting and booting up we walked outside and were greeted by multiple, excited to run, racing dogs.

Instructors introduced us to all the dogs on our team, and they taught us the ins and outs of controlling the sled. We jumped on board to drive the sled, ride in the sled, or ride in the sleigh pulled behind a snowmobile to enjoy the show. 

Starting with an uphill battle, the dogs were off to a slow start, but not too long after, the dogs were showing us a thing or two that made us work to stay on the sled. We tried out turns, hills, and jumps and the smiles never left our faces. 

While on the trails, we were all in awe of Colorado’s landscape; it seemed picture perfect.

It was challenging to say goodbye to the dogs and this adventure, but after we left we continued on through more of Colorado’s wonderful views towards Snow Mountain Ranch. During the afternoon we took part in a wide variety of activities that Snow Mountain Ranch provides, some of which were: sledding, swimming, or sipping on hot chocolate.

We ended the day altogether to discuss more about competition. Reflections about the past adventures on this trip were brought up in order to provide examples for how we have seen competition play out. Many have suggested that cooperation is becoming more important than competition, but yet we all put ourselves in situations of potential failure for the opportunity of success. The situations where competition is positive is when competition is pushing us to become better in whatever area of life we apply it to. For example, in the work world, employees compete with other employees to move up. As a result the individual becomes better and the company benefits. This is just a short summary of everything that was discussed in the meeting today.

Tomorrow we are looking at our last day of challenges and “may the odds be ever in our favor.”  

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