Wednesday, January 9, 2013

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Hey, Mitch and Tyler here. We’re not technically competing in the Amazing Race, but we’re filming it.  We are writing today’s post because we were in our element today -- Hollywood!  First we checked out of our host families’ homes and headed out to the Sony Studios to watch the filming of Jeopardy.  Alex Trebek came out and chatted with us and we found him to be a really cool guy.  Jeopardy was definitely a better experience than Leno in our minds, especially in the production quality and content.  After the great experiences at that studio we met with the Hollywood Prayer Network.  This is a group that leads prayer walk within the Hollywood area praying that God’s light would shine in the work produced by the members of this community.  It was wonderful to hear that there were Christians living out their faith in this community. We stopped for lunch at In-N-Out; let us just say we were all feeling full after that.  The race day concluded with a race on Hollywood Blvd.  The goal was to get as many connections as possible by using the stars on the Blvd.  For example, Betty White  ->(The Proposal)  Sandra Bullock  ->(The Blind Side)  Tim McGraw.  The race results haven’t been calculated but Tyler and I believe we would have done fairly well if we competed.  After and hour and fifteen minutes the groups reconvened and we traveled to our accommodations for the evening -- a hostel in Santa Monica.  This is a new experience for most of the group and we are excited to add this to one of the great parts of this trip!

The Camera Guys 

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  1. Hello camera guys! Do you think you could send out more pictures for us poor parents who get no information from our contestants?

    yes you are our only hope...Thank you