Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday fun-day QUIZ

Today was a restful day for the racers.  We enjoyed church with our host families this morning before leaving for the Best Western in Tempe.  This evening all of the racers were given a brief quiz to re-cap the assigned readings for this course.  Of course, in the nature of competition, this quiz counted as a race challenge.  Here are the results:

1. Pink
2. Vegas Gold
3. Navy
4. Graphite
5. Royal
6. Columbia Blue
7. Forest Green
8. Orange
9. Purple
10. Red & Kelly Green
12. Gold


  1. Replies
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  2. Way to go Team Pink!! Top of the academic competition! :)

  3. Pink Pink Pink Pink (does that count for 4 votes?)

  4. PINK is a beautiful color! I vote for PINK!!

  5. twin powerr:) go PURPLE!

    your daddy-o is racking up the points for ya over at Unity Christian:)