Friday, January 4, 2013

Prologue Race

Today marked the first official race in the 2013 Amazing Race. Today's race took place around campus and around Grand Rapids and involved 8 different clues which had to be solved by our competitors.  More detailed information about the race and the specific race objectives will come from our race winners tomorrow.  For today, here are the race results.

1st - Vegas Gold
2nd - Forest Green
3rd - Kelly Green
4th - Purple
5th - Royal Blue
6th - Columbia Blue
7th - Red
8th - Pink & Gold(TIE)
10th - Navy
11th - Graphite
12th - Orange


  1. Go Columbia Blue! WE are cheering for you Beth and who ever your team-mate is! Also want to give a shout-out to Nick and Zach not sure what team you guys are on! Hope you arrived safe in San Diego- enjoy beautiful CA! Have fun! Judy Vannette

  2. Vegas Gold. That's Right. CMS.