Sunday, January 20, 2013

Final Day of Racing

Team Navy here:

Today we started off the day by heading to the basement of the gym to the archery area.  We had an initial challenge to try and hit one of the balloons with only one shot.  Dan Turner and Jeremy were the only two to get this, and they were rewarded with 5 seconds time reduction from the soon to come cross country skiing. 

  Then we had a competition with the targets and each got to shoot three arrows, in the end tallying up you and your partner’s points.  This was really fun, but also proved to be a little more challenging than some were expecting, even though it was only about 15 feet away. 

We had an activity-filled afternoon in the gym.  We started off by randomly being put into 4 teams of 6, and then had competitions in both basketball and dodge ball.  We were going to also play floor hockey, but since we couldn’t reserve the gym, we didn’t have the time and space for that.  We played many five minute games, and were out of breath after those because of the crazy things the elevation (9000 ft) can do to your breathing.  It proved be to a very fun, exhausting, but also intense afternoon because it was the last day of competition.  

Team Purple here coming at you on our final day of competition! Our second challenge of the day was made up of our own mini biathlon.  The race consisted of two parts,which were cross country skiing and shooting. When we arrived at the Nordic center we were all given some skis and poles, which took some getting used to as not many of us had been cross country skiing before. We were still confident however that this would be our race.  This confidence lasted a whopping 10 seconds until a certain someone who shall remain unnamed, *cough* Zach Willis, intentionally sabotaged our chances of winning. He did so by taking Jenna out on the very first hill. 

After the lost momentum we made our way to the shooting range where we had one minute to hit the target with a pellet gun before making the trek back to the Nordic center.  

Overall we had a fun time trying something new, even if things didn't turn out as we had hoped. This was just another cool experience from the amazing journey we've been on. Peace out girl scouts. 
Goooood morning bloggers! Michelle Kwan and Kristi Yamaguchi (otherwise known as Vegas Gold) reporting live from snow mountain ranch family ice skating rink! Yesterday, the 12 teams were presented with the challenge of choreographing and performing a one minute figure skating routine with their partner. Teams chose their own song, planned out wonderful moves, and even picked out some pretty ridiculous outfits. Each pair capped off their planning with a 10 minute practice session on the ice to perfect their routine.  While most performances were not so graceful, everyone had a great time, and caught many good laughs.    

 Team Graphite here: Our final competition in Colorado was slightly less complex than one might assume. It was invented by our group earlier in the trip, and to our surprise, Dr. Bolt felt it was an appropriate race to end on. The total amount of equipment required consisted of an old soda bottle filled with a little water. The overall goal of the game was not to drop the water bottle when it was thrown to you. This became increasingly difficult as more and more rules were introduced and the throws became more challenging to catch.

Knowing that this was the last opportunity to gain points, everyone felt the pressure to perform, yet at the same time it was amazing to see how much fun we could have with such a simple piece of equipment and some creativity.


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